About Us

About JÓrim Finance

JÓrim Financial Service is an online platform committed to deliver customized loan products to millennials. We innovate in an otherwise dull loan segment, to deliver instant, flexible loans on consumer friendly terms to salaried professionals and businessmen.

We use latest technology to design flexible loan products that are best suited to various life stage requirement. We provide seamless experience from application to disbursal and meet our customers expectations.

JÓrim Financial Service helps you choose, compare & customize loan from an array of offerings like Personal Loan, EMI Free Loan, Personal Overdraft Facility, Credit Card Takeover Loans, Rental Security Deposit Loans, Advance Salary Loans and House Owner Loan. We are a FinTech that understands what your dreams are and we help you live them with good financial stability.

Our Mission

JÓrim Financial Service offers innovative loans to help millenials achieve a life that they desire. We differentiate in otherwise cluttered Personal Loan segment and deliver fastest Personal Loans at customer friendly terms.

JÓrim Financial ServiceTransparent Process has in-house RBI registered NBFC. Our focus is to delight our customers by helping them choose best loan products.

  • Customized Personal Loans.
  • Transparent Process.
  • Secured Data System.
  • Flexible Payment Plan.

Our Vision

We boast of an experienced leadership and highly talented team, making us one of the fastest growing & trusted FinTech company in the category.

To be a vibrant and competitive agricultural commodity company bringing real added value in terms of time and cost savings. Our mission places into perspective our ideas when we handle every client, which forms the operational philosophy that we strive to abide by.

  • Customized interest only payment.
  • High loan amount.
  • Build financial discipline.
  • Easy repayments.